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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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her life in it or land owe nightclub shooting. details on the funeral arrangements for 18 year-old akyra murray. >> this should never have to do that. >> i came out of my door she was right there on that step. >> horror, heart break in north philadelphia, a four year old shot dead, whom police are interviewing right now. historic vote, british choose to leave european union and now prime minister david cameron says he will resign, how that change overseas effects us here at home. all eyes on the futures market and they are expect to be down today on this friday, june 24th, 2016. >> bob kelly, good morning. >> tgif, everybody. >> and every friday we hit the roads, right, and this morning, mike, alex, jen, sue they are in quakertown. >> where is quincy. >> he might be, i'm in the sure. he could work on that new show he has coming out september 12th. from 7:00 to 10:00 we will than on broad street between second and fourth.
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sue, she's already there, how is weather outside. >> last time when we came to quakertown welcoming alex holley. we did yoga with the foulke. now they are yelling at them, to work out, lift, do burpees, it is boot camp in quakertown. we are excited to be here. weather is improving in most places but not every where, i will tell you after we look at our number of the day. it is seven out of ten, and that is because there are a few places where we are still going to have left over showers from yesterday, but bus stop buddy has temperatures in the 60's and 70's, our forecast for a high of 84 degrees. we have some showers that are moving into the new jersey shore, some pretty heavy rain, we will talk about that coming up and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our mazda cx9, a chance to win, and of course, coming up, bob
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kelly, i guess we will have to join the work out. i don't think people realize how heavy this microphone is. >> good job, sueby, 6:02. good morning. we are looking live, blue route near saint david villanova light volume so far this morning. we are damp and wet from the rain we had as we dry out ben franklin bridge, looking good for gang in delaware. new dart bus schedule in effect on sunday. make sure you grab a new timetable today. you will get down in quakertown, broad street between second and fourth just off of the turnpike, northeast extension exit there at quakertown. folks heading the other way as well, friday heading to the shore, you want to be up and over that walt whitman bridge and on your way in later than two unless you get stuck in traffic there. in problems at the moment, mass transit looking good. chris and lauren, back over to you. a tragic story involving a child and a gun, four year-old dies after being shot inside her north philadelphia home. >> detectives looking into
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this, steve keeley at police headquarters with the very latest, steve. >> we have told people this is second time, just since mid-april, two months, people that a lit 48 year-old philadelphia girl was shot and killed in another unintentional shooting shot in the face and her very own home. this time the gun is being traced, obviously if the mother told police that the gun was not hers but her live in boyfriend that the detective would want to be talking to him about where he or she got it and where it was kept and why did you have it in the first place. police will update us that on the record later today. we will learn if that gun was legally owned and by whom, once they find out, once they are ready to say for sure on the record that this was just another awful accident with a child and preventable accident or death if the adult did the right thing that other adults watching right now hopefully won't repeat yet again. >> i just saw her coming out with the baby crying saying please help me, help me, save
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my daughter. i ran and said what is wrong. she said she got shot. she said save my baby, please. i got the chills. then she just went inside and i grabbed her and said what happened to your sister. she said she got shot. next thing i'm trying to call police but my phone wouldn't dial 911. i went in the clinic and got security guard ape nurses came out running over here. the girl was gasping for her. blood was coming out of her nose and everything. then the ambulance and cops came. >> reporter: nothing harder for a homicide detective to do then to try to somehow be compassionate at the same time asking very hard questions to a distraught still in shock young mother who is here for hours at headquarters, before a family member pick her up, covered her face and head, with a blanket, and a coat to keep her from having her picture taken in the media. so, we will find out, whether any negligence charges or any weapons charges will be coming in this case, and how do you
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recover from something like this if you are a mother and you feel at all responsible thaw weren't watching your little girl at lunchtime or that a gun was left out where she could get it. >> yes, sad story, steve keeley, thanks very much. breaking news overnight british prime minister david cameron seen here is stepping down after uk's vote to leave european union. this morning he announced is plans to stay on until october, until a replacement is name. markets around the world have been hit hard by this news. in the u.s. dow jones futures are down 430 points. the nasdaq is down some 140 points. we will keep an eye on that. back here at home a man is in the hospital after being shot four times overnight in mt. airy. this happened just before 1:00 0 block of magnolia street. a man was sitting in his car when another man approached and started shooting. he is at einstein hospital in stable condition. today family and friend will say final good bye to the youngest victim to lose her
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life in it or land owe nightclub shooting. shooting for akyra hurry starts at 8:00 a.m. followed by funeral at 10:00 o'clock. she was on vacation two weeks ago in orlando after graduating from west catholic prep. she was shot inside pulse nightclub with her cousin tiara parker and her friend patients carter. both of the other two girls survived. >> we also say good bye to george bengal spca long time director of humane law enforcement who died after a rare battle of mesothelioma. george's determination to save suffering animals has been chronicled on the animal planet and national geographic. he will be laid to rest with full military honors at 11:00 this morning. ben simmons from melbourne, australia, louisiana state university. >> philadelphia 76ers took ben simmons with the number one pick in last night's draft. simmons climb on stage to the sound of cheers from the
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philly folks there in brooklyn for the announcement. >> so what does this mean for the future of the franchise? dave kinchen has been able to find anybody to talk about it. >> reporter: we found a couple guys, people trying to get going here in south philadelphia wawa, a little bit later in the morning or later for us but we have foulke, and we will hear from them. we can tell you. they were saying same thing ben simmons wasn't a surprise but he was the guy that they wanted. we will hear from ben simmons at 3:00 o'clock press conference, lets go back to that last night. it became official that simmons of lsu had an impressive record where he averaged 19 points, 12 rebound five assists and two steals in just one season with the lsu tigers. he had an immediate connection with brett brown who coached his dad. here now is our new forward, last night. >> i think he will be a great scorer. we have a lot of big men.
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we need a nice wing player. >> reporter: what did you like about him at lsu. >> he only had within year but he showed athletism, a lot of ball skills, making his buckets when he had to. >> reporter: we will hear from ben simmons later in the show. he is third player in franchise history to come to philadelphia as a first round draft pick including doug collins and ai himself. a lot of legend in this franchise and perhaps one more named ben simmons. now back to you guys. >> lets see if he plays like ai. caution cone in the local street? what? >> what the neighbors say the road crew did when they pointed out that mistake right there.
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we have all hit potholes. road crews patched one in south philadelphia, instead of making problem better, they have made it worse. >> when you see this, what is sticking out in that? somehow during the process an orange caution cone got paved right over. so it is now stuck there in the middle of the street. this is at fifth and jared, right here near reid street. there is also now a bigger hole to create traffic trouble for drivers. neighbors tell fox 29 they have called cities 311 line but they have not had any
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luck. they came out with three men and a driver, and threw it in with the pontoon still in the hole. >> just doesn't make sense. >> i came out and asked if they would redo the job properly and they just laughed and drove away. >> patchwork, has become a joke on social media with users taking pot shots. we reached out to the treats department, and officials say they would pass along the information. we will let you know what happens. now it is like a joke, three men and a driver. >> right. >> what does its take to fill a pothole in philadelphia. >> a cone, three men and a driver. >> if you look at that pothole again you can still see a little hole in the road. it doesn't look like it is fully filled anyway. >> not good work. >> how do you get that job. >> phillies trying to get the job done, breaking a nine game, and mr. howard will have that and much more in one
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man, it is fancy. >> look who it is, mike and alex as they make their way to quakertown. >> we cannot hear him.
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>> mike, we cannot hear you. >> yeah, look at that. >> we can talk smack right now. this is kind of fun, can we go back to that shot. he can't anspach. lets go back to that shot and just rip him, can we? it would be fun. >> you know, they stuck alex in the back seat, put her in the back. >> she's used to that. that is where she sits appropriately. they are on the way. sue's already there. you are doing kettle bells, squats, burpees,. >> how many have you done? >> i'm so good at that. every time we come to quakertown i cannot believe how this place turns out for us. this is broad street. we are at the intersection of third and they are getting ready for a street party. this whole street between second and fourth is ready for us, and they are setting upright now. very exciting to watch all this.
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we will have so much fun especially once mike and alex gets here and party start but we have a lot to talk about with weather. first lets look at temperatures before we show you the radar. temperatures range from the 50's to the north of us, to the 70's to the south of us and it is still hume mid some places. dew points are in the 70's down around dover, delaware and jersey shore, dew points in the 60's here in the philadelphia area. it is still humid. there is one thunderstorm that is moving into the jersey shore around cape may with 30 miles an hour winds. one isolated cell is causing problems for vacationers at the shore, this morning. seven day forecast though has a look at improvement over the weekend. we may get a few pop ups today but in the mid 80's both saturday and sunday and looking good. we will tell you how to win a car, coming up, all morning long, we have got the car, coming to quakertown along with mike and alex once everybody gets here, and then
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party will really start been kelly, it will be fun. >> i saw them gassing up the car. mike and alex has a full tank of gas, jumbo cup of coffee and we are ready to go. 6:18. in problems getting there, schuylkill expressway looks fine. no problems on the northeast extension. in addition to go to quake are town this morning for good day drives you, a lot of folks will be heading down the shore as we get ready on a friday afternoon in the summertime. you want to be up and over that bridge no later than 2:00 . once you are heading down toward the shore the expressway ramp to the parkway down to one lane through that construction. congrats to the graduates, police academy graduation on the campus of the temple university. a the lot of extra volume on broad street. that gets underway at the 11:30. a lot of outdoor events. dave matthews in town tonight along the camden waterfront. we will see tailgater nice and early to have a hot chocolate and soda in the parking lot but that will bring volume up
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and over that ben franklin bridge during the day and then tomorrow kenney chessney returns with a pack house at lincoln financial field. that event gets underway at 5:00. in the neighborhood manayunk arts festival tomorrow which will shut down main street all day long. mass transit is looking good. chris and lauren, back over to you. you had representative chaka fattah resigning from congress, now immediately. >> move comes two days after jury quick him of all 22 counts in the racketeering case. fattah had previously said he would leave office once a judge sentenced him in october but in a letter he wrote to speaker of the house paul ryan, fattah says he is leaving out of respect for the house. a bill that with raise minimum wage in new jersey is heading for governor chris christie's death. state senate voted to advance the measure, raising minimum wage to $10.10 an hour in january. over next five years it would allow that figure to rise up to $15 an hour.
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business groups oppose this saying it inflates the cost of doing business. christie is also criticize ago this legislation. fire fighters getting a handle on a wild fire in browns mills, new jersey, which is now 80 percent contain. emergency crews are still working to protect homes in that area officials are asking people in the area to stay inside if they can. >> it is friday. >> yes. >> we will go to quakertown right now. alex and mike are in the car right now, is mike greenwich behind the wheel. >> let's ask them. >> what is up. >> mike greenwich is behind the wheel. how are you doing. >> good. >> yourself. >> he is a good looking man. >> look at that dude. >> good morning, "good day philadelphia". >> he wears a t-shirt better than anyone on the planet. he should be a t-shirt model. >> every day a v neck t-shirt he looks fantastic in turquoise, your color. >> alex, can you see yourself. >> always in the the back.
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>> party in the back. >> alex and i were up in brooklyn last night for the draft where we saw this happen, bs in philly, ben simmons made it. this should go interest nothing quakertown. we just passed a sign that said quakertown 23 miles. eve been up all night this should be an interesting three hours, is that right alex. >> right. >> are you in there. >> i'm here and awake. >> we will do this. it is a beautiful morning. it is a beautiful morning. we will see new quakertown straight up at 7:00 o'clock. >> you have had three hours sleep and about to do three hour show. this should be interesting, thanks, mike. he just talked about the sixers, what about the phillies, they are finally getting it right breaking a nine game losing streak. howard has that and more in sports in a minute. >> lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. finally this year sixers got first pick in the nba draft. they got player they wanted from day one. there was no doubt in their mind ben simmons knew he would be sixers pick at number one but there is always that anticipation. brett brown said wow play power forward position and he sees it now, as the way he sees it. he knows simmons because he coached his dad in australia and talk to many people in australia and ben simmons. >> it feels amazing, honestly, my legs were shaking when i was on stage. anything you want to do, you can to, honestly, i have been wanting to do that since i was 56, seven and now i approached that. >> phillies finally won a game, to minnesota they broke a nine game losing streak. freddie galvis five rbi, three run home run in the eighth, phillies beat minnesota seven-three. today ben simmons will be in town. that is sports in a minute.
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i'm howard eskin. ben simmons going up against lebron james, and his new budding career, speaking of lebron, he said no way, not going to brazil for the olympics. >> just days after leading cavilers to the nba title, he followed some other team players, from the american team, steph curry, russell westbrook, chris paul, james harden. people change their plans because of fears of contracting zika virus. that is not the official reason. people are suspecting maybe that is it. it could be just because he is tire. long season. >> they have tons of money. he has done everything he can do in basketball. you think about that list, james harden, steph curry, russell westbrook and lebron james. those are some of the best players of all time. those guys are great. interesting. >> it is. >> 6:26. we will toss things out to steve keeley. >> well, veteran philadelphia homicide detectives have seen it all and now they are starting to see it all again
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and just two months after they saw it the first time and we are talking another four year-old girl shot in the face and killed and another unintentional shooting for second time in ten weeks.
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ben simmons going from down under to the very top of the nba draft. closer look at new sixers superstar. plus basketball star and friend, today we say good bye to the youngest victim to lose a life in it or land owe nightclub shooting. details on the funeral arrangements for 18 year-old akyra murray. >> horror and heart break in northeast philadelphia, four year-old shot dead, whom police are interviewing right now. good day it is friday, june 24th, 2016. every friday this summer we hit the road. so mike, alex, sue, they are heading to quakertown, pennsylvania. 7:00 o'clock until ten, they will be on broad street between second and fourth. >> sue is already there. she's so exited to do this. she wants to tell you about the weather in quakertown on this friday, hi sue. >> we are at 62 degrees right here at intersection of the broad and third in the middle of the street which normally would be hazardous but because we have the street closed down for our party, it is fun, fun,
6:31 am
fun. lets get to bus stop buddy because did you know it is take your dog to walk today. buddy's talk muggy, right, muggy is out there too because it is still a little humid. my hair is evidence of that. we have a couple of showers still hanging around, pop up thunderstorm through cape may county with 30-mile an hour wind and heavy downpours. current temperature in philadelphia is 3 degrees, forecast high of 84 with sunshine for most but can't rule out a pop up shower or then are storm especially south of the city. left overs from yesterday. that is a look at your forecast today, much more coming up as we head in the first full weekend of summer, in the meantime 6:00 o'clock we will start with this boot camp. they were already going. they are still going this morning. boy is it exhaust continuing bob kelly just watching them. >> how come i'm the only one
6:32 am
doing boot camp, you are supposed to be doing boot camp. 6:32. hello chester county. live look at route 100 everything damp and wet as we saw streets in quakertown from all that rain last night. drying it out mother nature took the hose and squirt that had front pavement getting ready for weekend n problems on the bennie coming into downtown philadelphia we have word from amtrak's northeast corridor they are doing emergency track work today, between washington and new york. so expect delays on the northeast corridor starting to see that delay on the schuylkill, at choke point there, schuylkill at city line avenue seeing delays south on i-95 in toward betsy ross, congrats to the police academy graduation taking over the temple university campus. a lot of extra volume set to get underway at 11:30. if you use dart bus system through wilmington they have put in a new schedule that
6:33 am
goes into effect on sunday. grab a new timetable so you are set for monday morning's rush hour. a lot of folks heading to quake are town and down the shore this afternoon, friday, all of the kid are off from school. if you are heading down the expressway there is only one lane on the expressway to the ramp to the parkway sure to add at least 25 minutes to your trip, once you get down that way. chris and lauren back over to you. now to the developing story in north philadelphia, so many questioned unanswered after a four year-old dies in the shooting. >> girl playing inside her home when she was shot in the head. steve keeley has very latest on this story, steve, good morning. >> don't be surprised when we hear of two things both weapons charges and negligence charges once district attorney gets this case as soup as today. once homicide team gets all answers finally today like how a four year-old can get her hand on a large caliber gun and why was a gun kept
6:34 am
somewhere in the home when two little girls because she had a three-year old sister could find it, whose gun was it, was it legally owned or bought on the street and if so for what reason. if this still in shock 25 user old mother even knows any of those answers herself because she lived with her boyfriend we're told. >> they were telling me something happened out here. they said, everybody had conflicting stories. i didn't see anything else until i talk to the officer, you know, i understood one thing. i will miss her a lot. every child will feel the same thing especially if they saw the same exact example. they need to see i love mommy, i love you daddy, and mommy and daddy you have to understand you have to say you love them now because you never know what will happen tomorrow. >> reporter: often times you can control a little bit what happens tomorrow if you don't leave a gun where toddler can find it, fire it and don't
6:35 am
leave it unlocked and don't leave safety switch off and don't leave your kid in the hot car with the windows up like we saw a child in houston killed this week too. things we and police and so many people often say, constantly repeat and here we are gannon "good day philadelphia" repeating the same thing we said back in april when the same thing happened to a little four year-old girl with the father accidentally shot her in the face on a saturday afternoon. remember he first ran away and tried to blame it on one of the other kids in the house. >> steve, thank you. breaking news from overnight british prime minister david cameron is stepping down after uk's vote to leave the european union. this morning he announced his plans to stay on through october, until a replacement is named. markets around the world have been hit hard by this news. here in the u.s. dow jones futures are down 430 points. nasdaq is down about 140 points. >> markets open up in a few hours. we will keep an eye on that. in the meantime philadelphia 76ers took ben simmons with the number within pick in last night's draft.
6:36 am
simmons climbed on stage to the sound of cheers from the crowd there from philadelphia wearing their sixers jersey. they hope ben simmons will turn this franchise around. >> philly grabbed 6-foot ten forward from lsu, he stayed cool but he expressed his excitement for his future here. >> i'm happy to be part of the family now, weight off my chest, i have been looking forward to this day for a while. i'm glad, you know, i have made history not only for myself but for my family and i can relax now. now i know where i am going to be. more perfectly i know where i'm headed and know i can really start working what i need to work on for the team. >> ben simmons, philadelphia fans as you you can see there cheering loudly after his name was read. they are hoping he can move us forward after three straight dismal seasons, this first first time sixers had number one pick since ai20 years ago, back in 1996.
6:37 am
6:37. >> man is in the hospital after being shot four times overnight in mt. airy. this happened since 1:00 o'clock at 6300 block of magnolia street. man was sitting in his car when another man walk up and started shooting. that victim is now in abe stein hospital in stable condition. it is a picture no one wants to be in family and friend gathered for a photo right there the at steps of the philadelphia art museum because of gun violence, which is affecting each and everyone of them. so they are known as the faces of philadelphia gun violence, group says, just this year, 500 people inside philadelphia have been shot and 100 more have died. they hope this photo will spread awareness about gun violence in the city of philadelphia. we may have a bipartisan compromise on gun control bill has cleared a hurdle in the senate but not clear fit will go anymore on. that more momentum, it is one crafted by maryland rate republicans susan collins of maine.
6:38 am
her bill survived a vote. would it block people on the in fly list from getting guns while providing an appeals process for those who want to challenge the gun denial. >> today family and friend will say a final good bye to the youngest victim to lose a life in it or land he nightclub shooting. viewing for akyra murray begins at 8:00, followed by a funeral at ten. eighteen year-old was on vacation two weeks ago after graduating from west catholic prep, akyra was shot inside the pulse nightclub in orlando with her cousin tiara parker and her friend patients carter, fox 29 intern. both patients and tiara survived. we say good bye to george bengal the spca long time director of law enforcement who died after a battle with a rare form of mess thiel chrome a he was 69 years old. determination to save suffering animal has been chronicled on animal planet and national geographic. he will be laid to rest with full military honors at 11:00. supreme court reject key part of the president obamaes a immigration plan to shield
6:39 am
millions living in the u.s. illegally from deportation. >> so the supreme court announced the dead lock vote four-four and president obama's immigration reform. the president repeat that had there need to be a solution to make it easier for people to be citizens, of the united states. he says that this also highlights why it is important to have a full bench, on the supreme court. >> if you keep on blocking judges from getting on the bench, then courts can't issue decisions. what that means is then you will have status quo frozen and we will not be able to make progress on some very important issues. >> this is a win for the constitution. it is a win for congress. it is a win in our fight to restore separation of powers. presidents don't write laws, congress writes laws. >> more than 100,000 immigrants have been given residency as part of the new program before the court injunction, their residency permits will now be revoke.
6:40 am
the president threatening to veto billion dollar bill to cut back zika virus that passed the house and now goes to the senate. g.o.p. backed bill does not have enough funding and takes from other critical health problems. obama is seeking an additional 800 million-dollar in aid. scary stuff with zika, olympics, rio. >> exactly. >> we have mosquito season coming here, we will see. >> you just went over to camden to talk bit yesterday. >> good news is there have been very few cases and that mosquito that carries mosquito is not indigenous to our area but we are keeping a very close eye on this. you know about ben simmons, right? did you know a former local high school player made history when he was drafted last night? why been been's selection in the second round was a first for the nba.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ quakertown of one of pennsylvania's best kept secrets a true classic town. did you know quakertown was originally called the greet swamp? quakertown will forever be
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etched in history, the liberty bell, yes, that bell, was hidden overnight behind a house in quakertown during the american revolution. that house has now been called the liberty house, of course. it is home to the quakertown band which is one of the america's oldest bands. 139 years old. and ritual library founded in 1788, one of the country's oldest libraries. today about 9,000 people call this classic town home, and we see why. hey quakertown, the good day crew is heading your way, let's party. >> it will be a party from 7:00 to 10:00. broad street. >> sue serio is already there. we've got jen fred there. mike and alex are on their way to quakertown. how is the traffic, bob. >> no problems at all. quiet all around the board. 644. good morning everybody. live look at the schuylkill expressway coming into philadelphia in problems at all. we've got schuylkill river. art museum in the background
6:45 am
leaving town, looking good, from center city pretty much all the way out and up the hill into quakertown no problems south on i-95 in northeast philadelphia everything is damp and wet from the rain we had last night but heads up using amtrak on the northeast corridor they sent out an alert that they are doing track work today and expect delays on the northeast corridor between washington and new york. getting down in quakertown we are setting it up broad street between second and fourth you'll go north on the extension, brake right at quakertown and bam, through are. if you you are heading to the shore later on today best time to get on the move this week is the game changer because everybody is out of school. this is when week long vacation starts to kick in. we will see, more than the normal weekend folks heading down today and tomorrow and remember they are doing that construction on the expressway ramp to the garden state parkway. you may be cruising along but there will be a 25 minute jam as you work your way in to the
6:46 am
parkway. the delays on the schuylkill, a few normal brake tapping up the hill and toward belmont avenue. big night tonight, dave matthews on the camden waterfront that show gets underway at 8:00 but get down there early to do tailgating in the parking lot and that will throw extra volume on the bennie for midday and evening rush hours. chris and lauren, back over to you. >> no, you know what. >> sue. >> i forgot, because you know what we have to check the forecast for this outdoor concert tonight, sue's will have the answer in 15 seconds. so i'm not eligible to win the mazda, because i work at fox 29, so i'm really going for these wheels, zoom, zoom
6:47 am
this is all i can handle. we have professional guys behind me. we have had some this morning but some rain, at the jersey shore. now temperatures are in the 60's and 70's for the most part this morning. cooler in the mountains. sixty-two, 63 at the intersection of broad and third in quakertown. so we are looking at radar and a isolated, thunderstorm with a pretty heavy downpour moving through cape may county. so once that is out of here we should see sometimes of sunshine but because that cold front came through yesterday and settled to our south don't be surprised if a pop up happens at some point but also don't cancel any plans for today. at the shore we are looking at a mostly, sea breeze kind of weekend with temperatures in the 70's at the beach. our high temperature as we get to the 70's, seven day forecast is 84 degrees for
6:48 am
today. we will clear out so beautifully with high pressure over weekend, 86 tomorrow, in the 80's on sunday as well. sunday rescheduled irish festival great plaza at penns landing. all systems are go for that. wait, did you miss my wheely chris and lauren, i just did one did you miss that. >> do it again, we will wait. >> i finally got a sporty can do. >> so cute, sue. >> all right. >> i will take that. >> we have to get to this just waking up, here are developing stories and what you need to know right now. british prime minister david cameron has announced he is stepping down after uk's vote to leave european union this morning. he announced his plans to stay on through october, or until a replacement is name. hundreds erupt in cheers as sixth's nuns their first round draft pick. they took ben simmons with the number one pick last night at the draft. philadelphia fans hoping to turn this team around.
6:49 am
6:49. man is in the hospital after being shot four times overnight in mt. airy. this happened just before 1:00 n the 6300 block of magnolia street. police say a man was sitting in his car when another guy approached and started shooting. police investigating a death of the four year-old boy shot in the eye. it happened in her north philadelphia home yesterday. teddy bears and candles lined the street on the 1800 block of north 20th street. they found a gun inside the house, girls three-year old sister and mother were home when that weapon went off. >> back in the states another officer in baltimore acquitted in the freddie gray case. a judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence to prove that caesar goodson killed gray. goodson had been driving the van carrying gray when he suffered a fatal neck injury. it proved to be very good for cash strapped atlantic city. city sold 1.7 million-dollar in property in the faces a deadline to get finances in order by the end of the year or face a state take over. the biggest sale yesterday was $660,000 for properties and
6:50 am
the south inlet neighborhood, several of which front a boardwalk being rebuilt. second biggest city block that sold for $300,000. all right. you can say the sun remains the same. >> led zeppelin in the clear after federal jury decided band did not copy their signature track stairway to heaven. they were accused of copying the american band spirit. robert plant and jimmy page were in the l.a. courtroom when the verdict was acquitted. >> over in callus the one who pend that song and when you listen to the two, the accoustic part of those songs, they do sound similar. i was surprised. >> yes. >> here's something, the future of the sixers, ben simmons coming to help us out. hear yes is excited for expectations that come were being the number one draft pick. >> his favorite bandies led
6:51 am
zeppelin. >> stop it. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here.
6:52 am
at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human.
6:53 am
nice. if you are tired of the same old scene, how but can escape with a concert in the city hall courtyard. >> that is cool. best part, it the is for free, every wednesday, philadelphia's putting on noon time performances from jazz, to hip-hop, there will be
6:54 am
dance, there will be theater performances, trapeze, uni cycles, each, hump day will feature really cool act. >> they run all summer through october. culture in the courtyard series is being put together by office of arts, cull culture and creative economy. >> didn't stevey oner play there a short time ago. >> the pop up, yeah. >> that was awesome. >> who would you pick if you had a choice to have a pop up lunchtime concert. >> right now, i would have to say led accept lynn. they can play stairway now, they don't have copy right infringement. >> how about you. >> maxwell, have you ever heard maxwell. >> beatles have a song called maxwell silver handle. >> you are talking about maxwell. >> yes, he is a singer. >> not cedric maxwell the nba star. >> do you see how his mindings, i go one word and it goes in 95tive rent
6:55 am
directions. >> not maxwell the cassette tapes. >> yes, i was like what? >> yeah. >> maxel ly love that. >> not maxwell. >> that is like mike asking kid about vcr's what is that. it is friday. we will hit the road. we are going to quakertown, mike, alex, jen, sue from 7:00 t street between second and fourth and we will see if mike and alex have made it there coming up next. >> now i want to hear a maxwell song, speaking of music, dave matthews in camden tonight.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
save my baby, save my baby heart break in philadelphia. a four year-old girl is dead after being shot inside of her own home. this morning, we're all wandering, police are wandering, how does this happen. plus breaking news from across the pond. british prime minister david cameron announced that he will resign in the fall after the country votes to leave the european union. the ripple effect that the vote is having across the globe. the philadelphia 76ers select ben simmons. >> we can do something special
6:59 am
there. >> the future is now, for the 76ers, ben simmons, taken with the topic in the draft, is he the one who will bring the proud franchise back to greatness. mazda has taken us on the road once again this morning, we are live in quakertown, right now, come on out and join us. >> mike, quakertown we're here. >> of course, brand new mazda cx9. >> this is how you start a show. >> this is styling in quakertown. >> for sure. >> are you with us i'm with you guys. >> how are you.
7:00 am
>> roll down those windows. >> yes. >> hi everybody. >> hello. >> quakertown knows how to shut down the street. >> look at that, i love it. bob kelly. sue serio. >> okay. >> a lot of people are lining up to sign up to win this very car i'm driving. >> trust me you want to win this car, beautiful smooth and we have been talking about it, it has that new you car smell. >> that is actually me, alex. >> i don't think so. >> you know where you you can sign up? with sue serio. she will be with the mazda all morning long. >> sue, take it a way. >> m


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